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xebec psa technology

Xebec designs, develops, builds, sells, and services engineered adsorption and filtration products for industrial air and gas purification and separation applications employing the principles of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA).

Xebec's licensed rotary valve technology replaces the complex and bulky network of piping and valves used in conventional PSA systems with two compact, integrated valves. These rotary valves are included in Xebec’s advanced purification and separation products, and they speed up (or intensify) the rate at which gas can be flowed into a PSA system that uses adsorbent beads in the separation process. In turn, the process intensification allows the PSA to be reduced in size, requiring smaller vessels (compared to conventional PSAs) to purify a particular volume of product gas. In addition, Xebec has a license to structured adsorbent material, which avoids the fluidization limitation of beaded adsorbents. Xebec's licensed structured adsorbent and rotary valve technologies are integrated into some of its advanced hydrogen and biogas purification products, which operate at significantly higher cycle speeds (up to 50 cycles/minute) than conventional PSA systems. This results in a direct reduction in the amount of adsorbent material, the size of equipment and the amount of energy required to purify a given volume of feed gas.