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biogas applications


Biogas is a renewable gaseous fuel containing approximately 50-70% methane and 30 to 40% carbon dioxide. Biogas is produced as a by-product from the decomposition of organic waste in landfills and anaerobic digesters that process agricultural waste and municipal waste water. A key step in the processing of biogas is the separation of water and carbon dioxide present in the gas. Xebec’s BGX Solutions offer compact, low-cost, separation in capacities up to 4,000 NCMH of product methane.

Xebec’s compact, Fast Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) units are designed to upgrade biogas feed streams containing CO2, H2O, H2S, and high amounts of N2O and O2 (total molar content of 0% to 30%) to pure, renewable natural gas (RNG). Xebec’s proprietary PSA technology is highly efficient, with proven recovery rates up to 96%.

Xebec’s methane purifiers are used around the world to upgrade biogas to renewable natural gas. For instance, the Xebec gas purification system at Cincinnati’s Rumpke Landfill, one of the largest landfills in the U.S., upgrades biogas from the landfill into pipeline-quality renewable natural gas. The purified gas is piped to more than 8,700 homes for use by Duke Energy customers

Sources of biogas are widely distributed: they include landfills, municipal wastewater treatment, livestock manure lagoons, agricultural silage, and industrial organic waste digesters. Each source produces its own particular blend of biogas with varying compositions and trace components. Biogas is useful as a fuel to operate small power generators and boilers or, after upgrading by removal of water and carbon dioxide, as a green gas supply for the natural gas pipeline network. Xebec offers other biogas treatment options depending on the source and end-use of the biogas. Products available include dryers and adsorption units for removal of carbon dioxide

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